PARACHUTES / Personnel Military Systems

Airbone Troop


The C400 is the most advanced parachute system to be used in big aerial platforms with high drop speeds such as the C-130, the C-17 or the A400M. Its polyconic main canopy 45-foot diameter allows the use up to 150 knots with a rate of descent of 4.92 meters per second with 185 kg suspended weight. Its reserve assembly includes the pre-installation of the newest Automatic Activation Device AAD SLS CYPRES 2 for static line parachutes.


TP-2Z Main Parachute Assembly makes up the latest development of a new generation of round parachutes to respond to the more specialized tendencies found in operational mission requirements.


The RTP-26Z Reserve Assembly makes up the latest development of a new generation of round reserve parachutes and responds to the new tendencies and requirements.


The T-10 Main Parachute Assembly was standardized by the U.S. Government as a troop personnel parachute in the early 1950’s, and has been used successfully since that time.


The MC1 maneuverable Main Parachute Assembly is used primarily for a premeditated jump when a precision landing in a small target area is necessary.


The T-10R chest Reserve Assembly is an emergency parachute designed to be used with T-10 and MC1 series in the event of a malfunction of the primary back type parachute.


The CT-1 is a static-line deployed, non-steerable Main Parachute Assembly designed primarily for use in both training and tactical airborne operations involving large-scale aerial deliveries of personnel.