PARACHUTES / Skydiving


iSiS the latest generation of harness/container designed to cover the needs of advanced skydiving schools including the latest technologies and materials with an ergonomic and attractive design package.


TANGO designed to satisfy those skydivers who look for a true compromise of enjoyment and reliability with comfort, easy packing and low maintenance.


MaXum is the latest generation of 9 cell zp lightly elliptical canopies designed to match the specifications of an all around pilot.


PurSang is the latest generation of 9 cell zp radically elliptical canopies. Its advanced design provides some astonishing flight velocities previously unseen on a canopy with such gliding performance and so extraordinarily maneuverable.


Vectra is the latest generation of 7 cell zp lightly tapered canopies designed to match the specifications of an all-around pilot.


EquinoX is a 9 cell hybrid rectangular classic design canopy with very easy handling and forgiving flight characteristics perfect for the beginner skydiver.


The RC is a 7-cell reserve canopy made of low porosity fabric and Spectra lines for reduced pack volume. FAA TSO-C23d and EASA ETSO-C23d Certificated.

  • RC (pdf)